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Family owned and operated, The Blackmon family took a swing at the brewing bizz and boy oh boy, did they knock it out of the park. Smoketown Brewing Station was founded in 2015 after converting the local Firehouse into a fully functional brewery and tasting room. Not soon there after, in 2019, the second Smoketown was opened located in Frederick, MD. Brunswick- a small town with tons of character and history and then Frederick- a downtown hub of nightlife located on beautiful Carrol Creek. It's the best of both worlds, and they're just getting started...  

It didn't take too long after opening our doors for us to take the leap into the distribution game. In 2017, Smoketown successfully brewed and canned their first beer; The Potomac IPA. In 2016 we began distributing to Frederick city and in 2018 we expanded distribution to counties throughout Maryland plus the 26 northernmost counties of Virginia and as of 2023 we have expanded our distribution to West Virginia! Where will we see Smoketown next? I guess you'll have to stick around to find out!



Dave Blackmon has been an entrepreneur since 1990, when he first opened three used bookstores in Albuquerque, New Mexico. “I find great joy in creating and controlling my own destiny,” he said. “Also it helps that I enjoy and embrace challenges and risk.” His vision for the former 1948 fire station on W. Potomac Street wasn’t always intended to be a brewery. Blackmon, being in the home remodeling and “flipping” business, was inspired by the building’s bones. He said, “My first actual intention was to turn the building into a building reclamation and architectural salvage resale location.” But that all changed when he met Tom Barse, owner of Milkhouse Brewery in Mount Airy. “After meeting Tom at Milkhouse, I invited him down to the building on the premise I was looking to open an All-Maryland beer tap house, hoping to tap his beer there.  After about 60 seconds of the tour, Tom said ‘Absolutely not. This HAS to be a brewery.’ I'll never forget those words...” 

Dave isn't the only Blackmon to  find themselves growing within SBS- its a family affair! When Dave shifted gears and decided the new space would now be a craft brewery, the whole family wanted in! You can now find The Blackmon Matriarch, Lauren, slinging beers behind the bar along side their youngest child, River who also runs the kitchen. Their son, Jake, has also followed in his father's footsteps, working his way up to Director of Brewery Operations working side-by-side the family every day. Basically, any time you're inside either of the Smoketown locations, you'll be sure to spot a Blackmon. Stop in and say hi today! 

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